Newsletter 1 Decadal variation of weather in Orissa Newsletter 31 Algalization technology on bio-utilization of fly-ash
Newsletter 2 Coal Mines Newsletter 32 Algalization technology on bio-utilization of fly-ash
Newsletter 3 Fly-ash Management Newsletter 33 Abstracts of Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity & Food Security
Newsletter 4 Iron Ore Mining Newsletter 34 Environmental Concern on Plantation and Toxic Plants
Newsletter 5 Chromite Mining & Related Issues Newsletter 35 Climate Change - A threat to our survival
Newsletter 6 Plastic Waste Management Newsletter 36 Achieving sustainable use of the planet in the next century - What should we do
Newsletter 7 Bauxite Mining & Alumina Newsletter 37 Biodiversity - A General Outlook
Newsletter 8 Climate Change Newsletter 38 Water Quality of Mahanadi River
Newsletter 9 Biodiversity Newsletter 39 Water Quality of Brahmani River
Newsletter 10 Wetland Chilika Newsletter 40 Ground Water – An Important Natural Resource of the State
Newsletter 11 Biodiversity Hotspot-Bhitarkanika Newsletter 41 Mushroom Cultivation in Odisha Challenges and Opportunities
Newsletter 12 Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary Newsletter 42 Honeybees for Safer Environment
Newsletter 13 Technological Interventions in Health Care Planning in Orissa Newsletter 43 Climate Change Impact on Algae and Coral Reef Environment
Newsletter 14 Elephant Reserves Newsletter 44 Aqua Farming to Combat CO2 Sequestration & Global Warming
Newsletter 15 Fiddler Crabs Newsletter 45 Ambient Air Quality in selected areas of Odisha
Newsletter 16 Abstracts of Climate Change Newsletter 46 Status of Baitarani River
Newsletter 17 Earthquake Disaster & Its Management Newsletter 47 Impact of Climate Change on Honeybees
Newsletter 18 Water-A Life Force Newsletter 48 Edible Mushroom Flora of Odisha
Newsletter 19 Chilika Visiting Birds’ Paradise Newsletter 49 Solid Waste Management
Newsletter 20 Sea Turtles of Orissa A Retrospective Study Newsletter 50 Nanotechnology in Mitigating Global Warming and Climate Forcing
Newsletter 21 Biodiversity Newsletter 51 Innovative Products from Bamboo
Newsletter 22 Dynamic of Wastelands in Orissa State Newsletter 52 Health & Environment
Newsletter 23 Waste - Its treatment & management Newsletter 53 Beat Plastic Pollution
Newsletter 24 Food Security in Orissa Newsletter 54 Geographic Information System
Newsletter 25 Forest Wealth of Orissa Newsletter 55 Ecosystem Services & Valuation
Newsletter 26 Tropical Odihsa Coast, Eastern India : It's Ecosystem, natural Hazardous and Coastal Erosion Newsletter 56 Air Pollution
Newsletter 27 CO2 Sequestration Technologies using Algae for Sustainable Climate Change Newsletter 57 Beat Air Pollution
Newsletter 28 Seaweed Farming for livelihood generation in coastal areas of Odisha state    
Newsletter 29 Role of Biofertilizers for socio-economic upliftment of farmers community    
Newsletter 30 Kewda of South East Coastal, Odisha    
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