Newsletter 1 Decadal variation of weather in Orissa Newsletter 21 Biodiversity
Newsletter 2 Coal Mines Newsletter 22 Dynamic of Wastelands in Orissa State
Newsletter 3 Fly-ash Management Newsletter 23 Waste - Its treatment & management
Newsletter 4 Iron Ore Mining Newsletter 24 Food Security in Orissa
Newsletter 5 Chromite Mining & Related Issues Newsletter 25 Forest Wealth of Orissa
Newsletter 6 Plastic Waste Management Newsletter 26 Tropical Odihsa Coast, Eastern India : It's Ecosystem, natural Hazardous and Coastal Erosion
Newsletter 7 Bauxite Mining & Alumina Newsletter 27 CO2 Sequestration Technologies using Algae for Sustainable Climate Change
Newsletter 8 Climate Change Newsletter 28 Seaweed Farming for livelihood generation in coastal areas of Odisha state
Newsletter 9 Biodiversity Newsletter 29 Role of Biofertilizers for socio-economic upliftment of farmers community
Newsletter 10 Wetland Chilika Newsletter 30 Kewda of South East Coastal, Odisha
Newsletter 11 Biodiversity Hotspot-Bhitarkanika Newsletter 31 Algalization technology on bio-utilization of fly-ash
Newsletter 12 Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary Newsletter 32 Algalization technology on bio-utilization of fly-ash
Newsletter 13 Technological Interventions in Health Care Planning in Orissa Newsletter 33 Abstracts of Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity & Food Security
Newsletter 14 Elephant Reserves Newsletter 34 Environmental Concern on Plantation and Toxic Plants
Newsletter 15 Fiddler Crabs Newsletter 35 Climate Change - A threat to our survival
Newsletter 16 Abstracts of Climate Change Newsletter 36 Achieving sustainable use of the planet in the next century - What should we do
Newsletter 17 Earthquake Disaster & Its Management Newsletter 37 Biodiversity - A General Outlook
Newsletter 18 Water-A Life Force Newsletter 38 Water Quality of Mahanadi River
Newsletter 19 Chilika Visiting Birds’ Paradise Newsletter 39 Water Quality of Brahmani River
Newsletter 20 Sea Turtles of Orissa A Retrospective Study Newsletter 40 Ground Water – An Important Natural Resource of the State
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